Transportation and Security

Turin Aviation Group, provides its clients with decades of experience in Air Transportation, Security & Global logistics.

Piloted by an experienced crew, our aircraft include the latest models of corporate class transport capable of reaching North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


Our network of charter aircraft providers ensures you will travel in comfort and security regardless of location enabling you to meet the demands of your business uninterrupted.


Our cargo aircraft suppliers enable our clients to move cargo to many locations globally. This tailor-made capability includes both improved and un-improved runways. In many cases, clients may elect to fly with the cargo or assign one of our vetted security teams to fly in the aircraft. The aircraft we have selected are fully reconfigurable to specific mission requirements, i.e., personnel airlift, cargo, or aeromedical if desired.

Our London office will work with US & Foreign Customs offices to ensure the most efficient delivery of your goods to its intended location without undue interruption.

We live in a dynamic and at-times dangerous world. To this end, we can provide professional Personal Security Detail (PSD) and Security Officers to assist our principals through major metropolitan cities or urban environments.

Our experienced former military personnel come to us with years of experience in high-threat environments globally.

Personal Security Detail (PSD) personnel are trained in defensive driving, communications, surveillance, counter-surveillance, hand-combat, advanced escape and evasion techniques, and improvised weapons. Our personnel selection ensures our clients are protected by the best and most experienced. In most cases, our personnel speak foreign or local language, are culturally aware, and possess a deep understanding of the human terrain.

Our teams depart our US or U.K office only after conducting an in-depth security & intelligence analysis of the location in which they will serve.

For pricing on our tailor-made capabilities in Air Transport, Security, and Global Logistics:

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