OV-1B Mohawk

The Grumman OV-1 is a very unique aircraft! It was the first turboprop aircraft to enter the US Army as a one-of-a-kind military observation platform. It first flew in 1959 and was instantly pressed into service. With a top speed of 305mph, range of 944 miles and huge canopy for observation directly below it, the Mohawk, also known as “the frog,” was a major player in the Vietnam War. There were four variances of the OV-1, this one is the OV-1B. The -1B variant had an 18 foot long side-looking radar mounted under its fuselage. To protect the OV-1B crew from small arms fire, it was equipped with armored cockpit and bullet-resistant windows and flak curtains. This is because it could cruise over a battlefield at 60kts! Three hundred and seventy-five were built by 1996 but today, fewer than 10 are airworthy.
Turin Aviation is honored to be tasked to bring this special OV-1B back to the skies. Once they have achieved that goal, it will become one of the aircraft Turin Aviation will use to educate the public about the aircraft and the veterans who flew it in Vietnam.
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